The organization of medical tourism in Israel, Germany and Korea:

The medical accompaniment on board.

When in our country we don’t receive the qualified medical care, we are requesting for foreign medical centers. If this situation from your life, our company will not only provide you support, but also completely will organize your trip to the foreign state. Medical clinics of Israel, Germany and Korea offer many medical services: all possible methods of diagnostics, conservative and expeditious treatment, the help in rehabilitation, and also cosmetic services and a climate therapy.

Sometimes the condition of patients such is that independent flight without medical care is impossible, in these cases we direct the doctor of the corresponding profile together with the patient equipped with a necessary set of medicines, and also having the equipments for rendering necessary first aid.

Accompanying doctors will do everything possible, for the most comfortable flight. For patient transportation to the medical center the opportunity by the medical doctor is providing both on regular and on a charter flights, there is a possibility of installation of a special equipment if needed.

We treat very carefully for age features of our wards and during the trip we help patients to feel as much as possible safely and comfortably to spend flight time. We offer transportation of patients by the air transport — with the special plane equipped with everything necessary medical equipment for transportation of patients, demanding resuscitation actions.

Our opportunities:

  1. Accompaniment by the resuscitator doctor, by regular or charter plane across Kazakhstan and abroad.
  2. Modern medical hi-tech equipment.
  3. Existence of necessary licenses.
  4. Medical transportation by the Ambulance car from medical center to the airport, and from the airport to medical center.

We possess information on regular and charter flights of various companies, owing to it the flights connection by transporting the patient through some cities or the countries becomes transparent and easy. Flight has to be not only executed, but executed with short time spend, as a rule, vital for the patient. For the accelerated and free passing of passport control we carry out interaction with medical aid stations of the airports where our doctors with the patient pass border, passport and customs controls, then the patient will board the plane, passing the general way of passing control.

All our equipment is certified, each oxygen bottle transported by us, is tested and certified for flights to avoid complexity when transporting dangerous good what oxygen is. At ground transportation the resuscitation car is used. Our company not only wishes you to be healthy, but also will help to strengthen it the abroad.