Charter flights:

Charter corporate flights:

One of the basic directions of activity of our company is the organization and performance of charter flights. On account, our company organizes charter flights in various parts of the globe along with superlative planes.
Charter corporate flights:
Should you need a convenient and comfortable flights to convey your employees to any realm on the globe for the sake of symposium, conferences, exhibitions as well as other corporate actions — we shall be down to provide you all necessary needs which will as well suit your schedule. Our company along with our employees shall provide a strict confidentiality on the flight order by you.

 VIP-charter flights:

The VIP-charter organization is a service meant for those who appreciate time, prefer individual comfort and value the safety. The order of the personal plane allows you to make flights on own route and the schedule and means presence of possibility of high-grade work or rest onboard. Business aircraft – for those who keeps up to date. We are ready to organise your personal charter flight within several hours from the moment of the reference.

Cargo flights

Cargo charter of any complexity, including the international charter-parties, are carried out operatively and precisely in terms. With us cargo charter is not limited neither schedules of regular flights nor existing routes of airlines. It is enough for our customers to set the task on transportations of cargoes, and Transavia Service will execute it with limiting professionalism, precisely in time.