Khan Tengri — pyramidal peak on Tien Shan on the ridge Tengri-Tag on border of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Height — 7010 meters (with a glacier), without ice thickness — 6995 m. Its name in translation from Turkic is meant by «The master of the sky». Tien Shan (Heavenly mountains) are in the center of an area of accommodation of ancient Turkic peoples. In outlook of the ancient people of the tyurk-Mongolian origin of Tengri is the Supreme deity, the organizer of the world together with the goddess Umay and Erlik. In Tengrist religion of Tengri (a deity of the top zone of the world) represents destinies of people, distributes life term, grants the Supreme power in society, influences it. Thus, top of Tien Shan of Khan Tengri — is a residence of the Supreme deity. Blinded by a majestic type of tops and glaciers which open from east pass of ridge Terskey Ala — the Limited liability partnership which is bending around the lake Issyk Kul from the South it, the highest and the most beautiful of them a pyramid, defines as legendary peak of Khan Tengri — the highest point of all Tien Shan.