Kolsay lakes — are the system from three lakes in northern Tien Shan, in the Kolsay gorge, in the crossing point connecting Ridges Kungey-Ala Tau and Zailiy Ala Tau. Lakes locates in 10 km to the North from border with Kyrgyzstan, in 330 km to the southeast Almaty at the height about 1000 m, 2500 m, 2700 m above sea level. Lakes are called «a pearl of Northern Tien Shan». Lakes with a coniferous forest from the Tian-Shan fir-tree are surrounded. Depth of lakes reaches 50 m. Among fauna — an iridescent trout.

Kolsaysky lakes include 3 lakes:

• The third lake — is at the height of 1818 m, its length — 1 km, width of 400 m, depth of 80 m.

• The average (second) Kolsay lake (Mynzhylgy) — is at the height of 2252, the biggest of three lakes.

• The first Kolsay lake or Top Kolsay — at the height of 2850 m.

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