The Canyon tour of Left Talgar is one of most popular place, formed as early as the first years of origin of tourism in the mountains of Zailyisk Ala tau. Beauty of the opened canyons, sufficient simplicity of passing, allow not to lose to this route of attractiveness.The basin of Left Talgar is formed of two branches — East, or Right Talgar, and Western, or Left Talgar.  In the right branch, near its merge with left, one more branch — Average Talgar, or Varakin a key falls. The water content of each of three Talgar is in communication both with the area of a reservoir, and with the area of a freezing.  According to it the greatest degree of a freezing is noted in the basin of the river. Left Talgar. Here 33 glaciers with a total area of 83 are considered. Average Talgar’s pool where 19 glaciers with an area of 38 are is on the second place. The smallest freezing is observed in the Right Talgar’s upper courses where six glaciers with an area of 9 are still known. The basin of the river Talgar differs in the greatest degree of a freezing in everything Zailiysk Ala Tau. The largest glaciers lie in the Left Talgar’s sources, on a head site of its valley. This site represents the hollow closed from rear and East side by the main crest of Zailiysky Ala Tau, and from the West — the huge Almaty spur passing in the north into the Low-Almaty spur. On the rear part of a hollow the nodal top of Chiliko-Keninsk knot — CDKA peak towers. To the East from it the massive peak of the Constitution is allocated. From this peak the rear crest at first gradually, and then sharply deviates to the north where near new turn to the east and the southeast it bears on itself(himself) the highest tops led by Talgar’s peak. The hollow lies at a depth up to one kilometer and more from surrounding watersheds. In width on top it reaches 11-12 km. In several places the hollow is partitioned off by the short spurs of mountains forming among themselves different capacity the tanks occupied with glaciers. The last give rise to three sources of the main river — Tourists, the Constitution, Mynzhilki. The first two sources are the main components of the river the Left Talgar, and the third — Mynzhilki.

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