Turgen falls — one of the most visited tourist places in Almaty region, are in the most beautiful gorge in Ile-Alatau National park. In the Turgen gorge there are  7 waterfalls.The most visited : first is «Bear» and second is»Kayrak». The first falls (30 meters of height) are located in a picturesque place among the hanging rocks. Rocks in the natural boundary are broken by earthquake and store prints of plants of the preglacial period. In 300 meters above the bridge from which usually go to «Bear» falls, there is «a beauty source», a spring with tasty and cold spring water. The Kayrak falls are approximately at 3 o’clock walking of a forest area. Height of falling of the main stream — 40 meters and if to consider the general height with all thresholds — 74 meters. The gorge is known also the relic Chin-Turgen moss fir groves creeping on the ground and forming a continuous fir-tree carpet.

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